Our Facility

Comfortable Setting

Q10 has two flexibly furnished respondent rooms, which can easily accommodate focus groups or one-on-one interviews. Click here for the complete facility floor plan.

Client Viewing Rooms

Our client viewing rooms offer comfort, privacy plus amenities such as broadband and wireless internet access.

Respondent Rooms

Our respondent rooms are bright and accommodating, each featuring a white board, easel, service cart, and ledges for product or promotion display.

Lounge and Reception Areas

Q10 features a comfortable reception and lounge area for participants and our clients.


Ideal Setting


We provide broadband and wireless internet access, plus ActiveGroup internet video streaming.


Videotaping (VHS) and in-room monitors, VCRs, DVD and players are provided at no extra charge.


"Definitely the most pleasant and human research facility I've experienced. Cozy, even."
- Tiffany Graeff, VP, Strategic Planning Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

"I found Q10 in Englewood to be comfortable, competent, communicative and completely responsive to my and my clients needs... qualities I look for but rarely find in qualitative facilities."
- Shari Lauter, M.Ed, President, Maestra Executive Research Services

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